Fishing has resumed as of the 6th August 2018 until the 31st October 2018. Fishing times are from 9am till 4pm. Bank Fishing ONLY.

Permits available from the Visitor Centre Shop.



One of Wales’ finest trout fisheries and a favourite spot for enthusiasts or beginners who just want to “have a go”.

Llys y Frân reservoir is set in a country park with ancient oak woods and distant views of the Preseli Mountains. The oaks are the source of many terrestrial insects and also caterpillars that can be imitated by fly fishermen. Dark lures are the early season choice whilst black, claret and green buzzers are useful patterns when the fish are rising to Chironomids. Worm fishing is permitted in certain areas. An unique boathouse accommodates over 30 boats and a restaurant and licenses bar caters for the inner angler. A cage rearing programme provides a constant supply of prime rainbows of up to 5lb in weight.

All the tackle you need can be hired at Llys y Frân and tuition is available on site, but rod licences must be obtained from a Post Office beforehand.

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Fishing Methods

Fly fishing and ledgered worms (zoned areas) only permitted, fly only from boats.

Daily Fishing Times

8am – half an hour before site closure time (bank) 8am – 1 hr before site closure time  (boat)

Site closure times are advertised on Entrance Gate by Visitor Centre.

There will be NO Fishing during 2018, Due to A Site Redevelopment

Please call for information on charges.
Season and day permits are available from the visitor centre shop.



Early August at Llys-y-Fran looked likely to prove an anglers nightmare as regards the average catch per angler visit and number of fish being caught. As for late July, high surface water temperatures and extremely low oxygen saturation within the upper reaches, forced fish out into the deeper regions, with very few fish being seen moving on the surface during the period, despite a number having been seen feeding heavily on fry within the margins.


A change in wind direction and cooler temperatures experienced over the last three weeks, does seem to have made a difference with the catch average then rising to reflect this. Anglers fishing both bank and boat are now seeing an increase in the sport on offer throughout most areas of the reservoir, with a number of fish are now feeding in the upper reaches.


Fly anglers, fishing either boat or bank are taking fish using any lines from Floater with patterns including small lures, fry imitations, blobs and buzzers, to DI 7 with boobies.


Worm anglers had a lean time during late July and early August, but as for those fishing the fly. This has improved during the past three weeks with Ray Muskett of Tenby taking six fish in 45 minutes the morning of the August Bank Holiday. Anglers who have recorded notable limit bags whilst fishing this method include the following:


David Thomas of Crymych with a six fish bag of 9lbs 8ozs, with a best fish of 2lbs. Bill Lloyd of Broadhaven with a six fish limit of 11lbs 4ozs and a best fish of 2lbs 4ozs. Whilst David Evans from the Rhondda landed the best bag by an angler fishing ledgered worm during the month. David’s bag totalled 13lbs 8ozs and included a best fish of 2lbs 8ozs. Well done David.


Despite the poor start to the month, a number of anglers fishing fly from the bank did manage to take their bag limits. These included Simon Rowlands of Saundersfoot with six fish for 11lbs 4ozs. Gethin Jones of Ammanford with six fish for 12lbs 6ozs. David Evans of Trealaw took the best 6 fish fly bank bag of the month with a bag weight of 13lbs 8ozs, with a best fish of 2lbs 8ozs.


Anglers opting to fish fly from the boat are recording the best limit bags, as they are able to cover areas unavailable to bank anglers. Notable bags for these include the following:


Newton Lee of Llandissillio with limit bags of 15lbs 8ozs, 16lbs and 16lbs 8ozs. Newton, a season permit holder had a best fish of 3lbs 8ozs during August. Matthew Crossman of Capel Iwan also recorded a six fish bag of 15lbs 8ozs, with a best fish of 4lbs 1oz.


Honours however must go to Brian Dalton of Haverfordwest. Brian also a season permit holder landed a six fish bag weighing in at 18lbs 8ozs with a best fish of 5lbs.


Last Saturday also saw the annual hosting of the Carpinini Cup. Four teams took part in this year’s competition, with just under 50 anglers recording a rod average of 4 fish each. One of the best averages achieved to date in this competition.


September is normally a good month for top of the water sport, with terrestrials such as Sage normally in abundance and many fish feeding the margins due to the fry. This is normally a time of year when floaters and slow intermediate lines come into their own when fished with dry fly or fry imitations.


Hopefully you will all be able to take advantage of what is now on offer during September.


See you all soon.



2017 Fishing Prices





               Full Day (12 fish limit)                                                         £ 40.75

               Full Day (6 fish limit)                                                           £ 21.50

               Concessionary Day (6 fish limit)                                         £ 20.50

               Adult & Child Day Permit (6 Fish limit)                               £ 21.50

               Junior Day (2 fish limit)                                                       £   9.50

               Afternoon Permit (4 fish limit)                                             £ 17.50 (OAP £16.50)

               Morning Permit (Boat Anglers only)                                    £ 17.50(OAP £16.50)

               Winter Permit (November-6 fish limit)                                 £ 16.00

               Weekly Permit (6 fish limit per day for 7 days)                    £ 105.00

               7 Day Permit (6 fish limit per day)                                       £113.00

               7 Day Permit + Boat (2 anglers)                                          £ 336.00

               7 Day Permit + Boat (1 angler)                                            £ 202.00

               5 Day Permit (6 fish limit per day)                                       £   86.00

               5 Day Permit + Boat (2 anglers)                                          £ 256.00

               5 Day Permit + Boat (1 angler)                                            £ 154.00

               DCWW Staff Permit (6 fish limit)                                         £ 10.00


               Full Season (6 fish –daily)                                                    £ 636.00

               Concessionary (OAP/16 or under 6 fish limit daily)              £ 579.00

               Junior (3 fish limit daily)                                                        £ 50.00

               Half Season (6 fish daily)                                                     £ 353.00

               Concessionary (OAP)                                                           £ 319.00



               Day Motor (Two Anglers)                                                     £ 21.00

               Day Motor (One Angler)                                                       £ 17.00

               Afternoon Motor (Two Anglers)                                            £ 17.00

               Afternoon Motor (One Angler)                                             £ 14.00

               Morning Motor (Two Anglers ends 14.00hrs)                      £ 17.00

               Morning Motor (One Angler ends 14.00hrs)                        £ 14.00

               Day Rowing                                                                         £ 10.00

               Wheelie Boat-Wheelchair Users                                           Free

               Wheelie Boat-Non Wheelchair Users                                    £ 21.00


               20 + Anglers                                                                         £ 19.00 per permit

               10 + boats (excluding permits)                                              £ 19.00 per boat

Boat season permits available to season permit holders only


               Day Launch                                                                          £   10.00

               Evening Launch                                                                    £   7.00

               Group Rate                                                                           £   7.00


               Car Parking (Daily from 1st April)                                        £2.00

               Car parking (12 Months)                                                       £8.00


               Day Permit                                                                            £   12.00 (OAP £11.50)

               Junior Permit (2 Fish)                                                           £   6.00

               Boat Permit                                                                           £   12.00





15 boats with 4-stroke petrol outboard engines are available for hire. 2 Pupose built wheelie boats are available for disabled anglers. Prior booking is advised.


Please call us on 01437 532694 for information on charges.