We are currently undergoing a re-development during 2019/20 therefore at this present time the park is closed with no public access. sorry for any inconvenience.

A succesful April so far

Although the month is not yet over and despite the changeable weather conditions. April has produced some of the best results so far for anglers visiting Llys-y-Fran Reservoir during the 2016 season, this whether fishing Fly or Ledgered Worm.

Fly anglers are seeing good sport from both bank and boat, using various lines ranging from DI 7 up to floaters. With Buzzers proving successful due to the number of fish feeding on or close to the surface. And we are now seeing good numbers turning on the surface during the calmer days, because of the hatches now coming off the water.

The area of bank known as the Field has fished consistently well over the past three weeks, with the majority of anglers taking limit bags. Average six fish bags are now consistently into double figures, with a good percentage of fish weighing around the 2lb mark.

Dave Maehrlien of Cardigan has recorded the heaviest bag by an angler fishing worm, on two of the last three weeks. These limit bags weighed in at 15lbs 8ozs with a best fish of 3lb 8ozs and 16lbs 12ozs, with a best fish of 3lbs 12ozs.

Anglers fishing fly from the bank have also been seen a marked rise in the sport being offered, with areas such as “Badgers”, The Field, Top End and Rainbow Bay all fishing well.

Simon Rowlands of Saundersfoot landed a bag of 11lbs 8ozs during his last visit, with a heaviest fish of 3lbs.

Boat anglers appear to be spending quite a bit of time fishing the area around the Point. This as large numbers of fish are feeding on or close to the surface in this area. Other productive areas are “The Rock” and Top End

Some of the best weekly bags taken whilst fishing from the boat during the month have all been recorded by Brian Dalton of Haverfordwest, a season ticket holder who visits the site a number of times each week. Brian’s bags have weighed in at 14lbs 7ozs, 15lbs 9ozs and 14lbs 1oz. These bags have included best fish of 3lbs 10ozs, 3lbs 3ozs and 3lbs 4ozs. Brian has also landed the heaviest Brownie of the season, with a 3lbs 1oz fish. Well done Brian.

With fish feeding heavily on the surface now, prospects for May have to be good due to the number of terrestrials such as Hawthorn and Daddy which normally show during the month.

Anglers are reminded that on Sunday 15th May, Llys-y-Fran Reservoir will be hosting an Open Fishing Competition. This competition is open to any angler wanting to take part.

Costs are £20.50 per adult (£19.50 Concessionary) with a £5.00 prize pool fee to be paid by all anglers.

Bag limit on the day will be eight fish with the competition to be fished between 09.00 and 16.00 hrs.

Weigh-in will be outside the Visitors Centre at 16.30hrs.

Hopefully the majority of you can make it.

John Sampson